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UK National Lotto Results for Saturday 30th July 2011

UK National Lotto Results for UK Lotto draw number 1,628, held on Saturday 30th July 2011.

The National lotto jackpot for this draw was £4.5 MILLION. - the worlds first all-inclusive multi-lottery syndicate system

The UK Lotto results for draw number 1,628 are;

Main numbers:   4 – 10 – 29 – 32 – 34 – 40  Bonus Number:  48

The machine used for this UK lotto draw was GUINEVERE with Ball set 5

The UK National Lotto results confirm that there was 2 lucky jackpot winners for this draw winning around £2.27 Million each. Congratulations to the lucky winners. Next UK lotto jackpot estimated at £2.2 Million.


The prize breakdown for this National lottery draw is as follows:

No. of matches No. of winners £s per winner Prize fund
Match 6 2 £2,275,454 £4,550,908
Match 5 plus Bonus 11 £127,298 £1,400,278
Match 5 407 £2,150 £875,050
Match 4 23,621 £81 £1,913,301
Match 3 457,091 £10 £4,570,910
Totals 481,132 £13,310,447


The next UK National lotto draw is on Wednesday 3rd August 2011, with an estimated jackpot of £2.2 million.

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